How you can help St. Ann's work...

While St. Ann's is a single parish, serving a parish-size community, it has lots of friends who help make things happen. In fact, without the help of its many friends, St. Ann's could not begin to address the needs of its parish and community.

For example, St. Ann's possesses a magnificent set of swings. This is no small thing, when you realize they are the only swings anywhere in the neighborhood. Similarly, there is a wonderful fountain where children can come and splash around during Summer's hot days — so much safer than playing on the streets. And a jungle gym — children can spend hours getting good healthy exercise in creative ways on this spectacular equipment. This makes St. Ann's close a place where neighborhood people bring their families for safe fun in a park-like setting.

St. Ann's could never have afforded this equipment, or its proper installation. It came as a gift from our brothers and sisters in another church.

The church itself, dating to the first part of the 19th century, and the parish house — much of it built before the First World War — is no small matter to maintain. Things wear out — like boilers and gutters and plumbing. Electric service upgraded three decades ago often needs to be improved for current needs.

Again, St. Ann's has been fortunate in its friends; when they have something left, they have shared with us.

Best of all, it is not just large contributions. Some of the best gifts we have involve people who come to work with us and in our programs. This might be a single person volunteering to tutor one of our children. It might be a team from another parish, helping to renovate the close. Sometimes it is a letter from a friend in distant parts, thinking about what St. Ann's might need — and often hitting the nail neatly on the head.

You can be part of this. If you'd like more information, write us, call us, or send e-mail.

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You can call St. Ann's at (718)585-5632; staff speak both English and Spanish. Or you can send e-mail:

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