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St. Ann's Episcopal Church occupies a spacious close along St. Ann's Avenue opposite the corner of 140th Street in New York's South Bronx. Founded over a century and a half ago by members of the Morris family, the landmark church and close is the resting place for such notables as Louis Morris and Gouvernor Morris. The church takes its name from Ann Morris — among other things, a descendant of Pocahontas. The church houses excellent examples of late 19th century stained glass.

But St. Ann's is more than a museum; it is a vital center of community activity. Mott Haven — St. Ann's neighborhood — is the heart of the poorest congressional district in the United States. St. Ann's addresses the urgent needs of its neighbors with food and such assistance as it can give. St. Ann's has developed a dramatically successful after-school program for elementary school children, featured in Jonathan Kozol's Amazing Grace and on Oprah. And sometimes, it is just the sheer relief from urban pressures that St. Ann's trees and grass afford, along with the only swings in the neighborhood and a really good jungle-gym, that is the best thing of all.

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